Worker's Nobility

Katherina dress

This is a basic 100% cotton dress. 

It has a 100% cotton lining.

210.00 EUR

Circle shirt

This long sleeveless shirt is designed with an elegant round neck.

It has a french seam.

Fabric made in Spain 15% wool 85% cotton

Color in model ecru. Also available in light grey 

179.00 EUR

Circle dress

This shirt is a stylish and very comfortable piece.

Designed with a round collar and long sleeves.

The one in the pictures is 100% linen in black. 

210.00 EUR

Wool coat

This is a 100% wool coat with 100% cotton lining.

A relaxed fit designed for maximum comfort.

Available in dark grey (as in picture), moss and navy blue 

310.00 EUR

Black shirt

This shirt is designed for pure comfort. 

It's made out of 100% cotton.

Perfect to combine with pants or skirt.

120.00 EUR

Black dress

This dress is a stylish piece with a comfortable design.

The one in the pictures is 100% cotton light fabric. 

249.00 EUR

Wool jacket

This is 100% wool jacket with a 100% cotton lining. 

Available in moss, dark grey and navy blue.

190.00 EUR

Tie coat

This is 100% wool coat with a 100% cotton lining.

To wear with or without belt.

230.00 EUR


This is a loose fit sweater.

100% wool in the outside, 100% cotton in the inside.

Color in the picture dark moss.

190.00 EUR

Velvet dress

This is a 100% cotton velvet dress.

It has two side pockets.

Comfort and style together in this dress.

220.00 EUR

OS dress

This is a loose fit dress with two seam pockets. 

It's a comfy piece to wear as a dres or with pants.

The one in the picture is a black stone-washed linen. 

210.00 EUR

Maite shirt

Designed for your comfort this shirt are one of 

those pieces you need to have in your wardrove.

The one in the picture is made out of 100% rustic linen

180.00 EUR

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